Crossing the Goal – Spiritual Fitness Workout Groups

Profile: Spiritual Fitness Workout Groups are groups of 10-15 men that meet once a week for 90 minutes. They use a CTG DVD of an episode along with corresponding questions to use as discussion guides.

Mission: To train and strengthen men inwardly through these workouts so that they become Godly men who will make a positive difference in their homes, parishes, workplaces, and communities.


• To gather men together in order to honor God in prayer and worship.

• To invite the Holy Spirit to penetrate our hearts to change us interiorly.

• To educate ourselves through the teachings of the Catholic Church utilizing the Scriptures and the Catechism.

• To share with one another how God is working in each of our lives on a daily basis.

• To recruit and encourage other men to join us in spiritual training and workouts.

Goal: To increase the number of strong, vibrant, and active Catholic men in our parishes.



• Welcome & Prayer 5 Minutes

• Praise & Worship (2 Songs) 5 Minutes

• General Sharing (Accountability)

Small groups of 5-7 men review 10 Minutes previous weeks personal action items


Watch each CTG episode as an entire group by segments, as shown below. Then break into your small discussion groups of 5-7 men after viewing each segment.

• Segment 1: Kickoff & Game Plan – 10 Mins watching DVD – 20 Mins of sharing

• Segment 2: Red Zone – 10 Mins watching DVD – 25 Mins of sharing

• Segment 3: End Zone – 3 Mins watching DVD – 2 Mins of sharing Personal Action Items

• Closing Prayer

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